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I'm a jeweler, painter and all-around art maker.  Bright, bold and funky, with a touch of whimsy is what I do.   No matter the medium, It's gonna make you smile.  Good words, lots of color...  How could you not like that? 


My one-of a kind paintings are made by using a multidimensional unique proprietary process of carving, painting and sealing each piece to protect the artwork. Various reproductions are handmade by me and a few are produced from other companies when it's out of my realm. Below are a few of my favs, both handmade by me, and printed professionally, and shipped directly to you.  Click the "Go" buttons below to be directed to my shop, my Red Bubble shop or my Society 6 shop.  Want to support a local shop near you?  Click on the link above that says "Buy Retail" and see if there's a shop near you.   Are you a retail shop that wants to carry my work? 

Well super cool!  Just click the "Buy Wholesale" button for more info on how to make it happen. 

Want something custom for you or your shop?  Just ask.

Switch plate cover Purple Mandela.jpg
Purple Mandela Switch plate cover.jpg
interchangeable tiles (2).jpg
8x8 limited edition reproduction.jpg
7 piece Chakra Set tiles.jpg

          Click the go button to buy switch plate covers, clocks, limited edition framed prints, interchangeable tiles and more, all handmade by Merideth.

prod d b.jpg
prod b mand.jpg
prod legg.jpg
prod s l.jpg
prod t g.jpg
prod t b.jpg
prod p.jpg
prod b hum.jpg
prod duvet.jpg
prod scarf.jpg

         Click the go button to order Merideth's favorite designs printed on clothing housewares and more from Red Bubble.


          Click the go button to order furniture, tabletop items and more printed with Merideth's designs from Society 6.

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