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Inspiration can  be found anywhere....
While walking through the grocery store I had an ah-ha moment in the soda aisle.  The colors and patterns on beverage cans were vibrant and exciting and I thought to myself, "I wonder what I can make out of that!"  My metalsmithing background led me to ponder jewelry.  I made my can purchase, brought them home, consumed them and begun making flower petal necklaces.  A dozen prototypes later I deemed them worthy to put out into the world.  That's how The "Uncanny" Collection was born in October 2011. 


  My cans come from the local recycle center, restaurants, friends, family and anyone I see toss out a cool colorful can.   Recycling is my tiny contribution to saving the planet.
Each piece is crafted with care.  This jewelry is bold, bright and super lightweight.  No two pieces are alike.  All edges are filed smooth to the touch.  

No electricity is used in constructing this jewelry. 

Anodized Niobium ear wires are used for all earrings.  What is Anodized Niobium?  Anodized refers to the surface color that is applied to the metal with an electric current.  This coats the wire with a wonderful pallet of colors.  It doesn't tarnish or loose it's color.  Niobium has a low toxicity so most people with sensitivities can wear niobium ear wires unlike sterling silver, base metals or copper. 


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