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UPcycled One-Of-a Kind Aluminum Can Jewelry

Inspiration can be found anywhere....

While walking through the grocery store I had an ah-ha moment in the soda aisle.  The colors and patterns on beverage cans were vibrant and exciting and I thought to myself, "I wonder what I can make out of that!"  My metalsmithing background led me to ponder jewelry.  I made my can purchase, brought them home, consumed them and begun making flower petal necklaces.....and so much more.

and then there is this too... 

What is it?

It's jewelry crafted from UPcycled (recycled but bringing it up a notch) aluminum cans cut and sanded to be wonderfully wearable art. 


Where do all those cans come from?

My cans come from the local recycle center, restaurants, friends, family and anyone I see toss out a cool can.  


On a mission?
YES!  My mission is to save the planet one can at a time.  Recycling is my tiny contribution to saving the planet. 

Oldies but Goodies Gallery

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